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China Rewinder factory

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przez pdou0319
Product Description:
Designed to process all grades of uncoated paper, Kraft , Packaging paper and corrugated products or board.
Product Feature:
1.Most versatile, model providing combination of Duplex Center cum Surface Rewind System
2.Constantly flawless slit rolls by providing center driver drum to maintain. Fixed minimum distance between slitting and rewind point
3.Constant Line Speed causes constant tension rolls
4.Two Rewinding Shafts carried on swinging arms are center driven through adjustable slipping clutch
5.Counter Balance System to adjust the pressure between rewind reels and center drum
6.Suitable for off caliper / slippery / stretchy material
● Auto Tension Control System for Unwind Unit
● Digital Line Edge Guide System
● Web Edge Guide System (Hydraulic / Digital Ultrasonic)
● Pneumatic system for Arm / Clutch / Brake / Nip
● Air shaft for Unwind Station & Rewind Station
● Safety chucks at Unwinder Station
● Bow rollers or Banana Roller for Wrinkle Free Working
● Four motor synchronized drive
Product Parameter:
Main technical parameters
Suitable for paper varieties: 25-350g/㎡
Width Paper:1575-3800mm
Design Speed:1000m/min
Working Speed:800m/min
Feed Speed:15—25m/min
Diameter of raw paper roll:Φ2000mm
Diameter of finished paper roll:Φ1500mm
Paper feeding method:lower threadingChina Rewinder factory