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Refrigerated Air Dryer

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przez pdou0319
Product Description:
Stainless steel freeze-drying machine USES physical principle, the moisture in compressed air is frozen below dew point, make it precipitate out of the air air dryer.Limited by the freezing point temperature of water, the dew point temperature of water can be close to 0 degrees in theory. In fact, the dew point temperature of a good freeze-dryer is generally about 5 degrees.
Air Compressor Refrigerated Air Dryer Features:
1, gas-liquid separation using cyclone separation and stainless steel wire mesh mist organic combination of gas-liquid separator, gas-liquid separation effect is complete, avoid secondary evaporation of water, ensure the drying effect of the cold dryer.It is much better than the cyclone separator separation effect, but at the same time than the filtration of gas and liquid separator use cost is low, has a better market than the performance and price.
2. Reasonable equipment structure design, easy maintenance, box shape, beautiful and generous.
3. No foundation installation.
4. Real-time display of operating parameters.

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Technical Parameters
Product nameIndustrial air compressor refrigerated type compressed air dryer machine
Type of coolingAir cooling
Air treatment1Nm3/min
Motor power0.3KW
Air inlet temperature≤80℃
Ambient temperature2-42℃
Dew point2 to 10℃
Inlet Pressure4-13bar
Pressure loss≤0.03Mpa
Diameter of outlet connectDN125
Heat exchange modeOvercooling reverse flow heat exchange. + tempering design.
Evaporatordesign/Shell MaterialDirect bulkhead aluminum fin tube type + guide plate + blue wave hydrophilic treatment/carbon steel.
Heat exchanger design/High efficiency copper shell tube type + guide plate/carbon steel.
Shell Material
Design of condenser/MaterialEfficient copper tube + blue wave hydrophilic treatment/aluminum heat sink.Refrigerated Air Dryer