cheap Second Hand Spinning Machinery

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cheap Second Hand Spinning Machinery

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320 ingots Titan 268 single spindle single control, Conley electrical, ABB inverter, 42 spinning cup spinning cotton, 11 years of delivery. Carding machine is applicable to a carding machine that can process wool and fiber and can process new and old cotton. It is convenient and quick to form once. The machine is environmentally friendly and has a vacuum device to ensure the health of workers. The manual lay-up, safety machine shields ensure the safety of workers to save concerns and provide customers with more perfect service. Common troubles and treatment methods of vacuuming bombs, the cotton is not into pieces or the cotton sheets are agglomerated. The reason is that there is a blockage between the tea tray and the thorn roller, and the inside of the dust cage cover is not smooth and has a flower, and the cotton is fed. Not uniform. The treatment method should be carried out with thin bamboo poles or thin branches, stop the cover and sandpaper, pay attention to the thickness and speed of the Second Hand Spinning Machinery
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