Maplestory 2 Reboot Suggestions

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Maplestory 2 Reboot Suggestions

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In Maple Story 2 Mesos though being a more compact size match compared to Maplestory it packs plenty of things you are able to enjoy, among these is being able to get rich fast. Like any other participant, you may opt to kill two birds with one stone by searching for creatures and as you level up and get your mesos at the exact same time, but the majority of the maps are not as good as you might think.

There are a few maps that stand above the rest in terms of mob spawn speed, horse quantity, mob experience gain, and horse meso drop rate, one of them being the renowned Sky Terrace 2. There you may find it has everything you need to get your expertise and mesos the"old way" and not getting a bad deal from your time spent doing this.


If you are not one of those few people that would spend 10 hours a day searching mobs to fund their investment, nicely in best sites to make maplestory 2 mesos you can opt to market your precious items in a high price in the Trade Station, there you can sell a weapon which has been dropped out of a monster for approximately 100K when the stats are good or you can sell the same weapon for nearly 5 million mesos if the stats are"god-like".

It will be based on your chance on finding equips with good stats or your fortune on upgrading and scrolling your items near end-game status. Should you by chance get an emblem equipment you can most likely make 100 million mesos just by selling something like that, it's pretty rare to find a person, but the rewards are worth the time.

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