MapleStory M: How to Auto Battle

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MapleStory M: How to Auto Battle

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If you are not among those few people that would spend 10 hours every day hunting mobs to fund their investment, well in Maple Mobile Mesos you can choose to sell your precious items in a high price in the Trade Station, there you can either sell a weapon which was dropped from a monster for approximately 100K when the stats are great or you can sell the identical weapon for nearly 5 million mesos if the stats are"god-like".

It will depend on your chance on finding equips with good stats or your luck on scrolling and upgrading your items near end-game status. If you by chance have a logo gear you can most likely earn 100 million mesos by simply selling something like that, how to buy safely Maplestory M Mesos is pretty rare to find a person, but the benefits are worth the time.


If you're interested in finding a good fight but do not want to spend your time searching for equips, then you are probably able to choose to visit some Elite Dungeons, which are put you a particular degree range and offer great items in return that then could be offered in the trade channel.

If battling, or trading or grinding isn't your style, then you are still able to build your luck by doing quests that range from assisting an NPC get a health potion to doing a serious job in various maps that will benefit you with mesos and occasionally equips.

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