discount Lighted Bathroom Mirror

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discount Lighted Bathroom Mirror

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15x magnifying mirror with light is in a simple shape of vertical rectangle which has been designed with LED light strip around. The sleek corners of the mirror can bring people a soft feeling. This compact mirror is more suitable for the room that without too large space.
Product Description
Usually, the size of this 15x magnifying mirror with light is 20''W x 35''H x 5/7''D . And this mirror is longer and slender than other series of product, so it can reflect a larger space, which can visually expand and enlarge the space of your room.

▶Room-saving. After installing the 15x magnifying mirror with light, no extra mirror or light is needed.
▶Different magnification can be customized. (15x magnifying mirror with light and 20x magnifying mirror with light.)
▶The basic model of this mirror is designed without a magnifying glass. If you do need an extra magnifying mirror, please contact us.


Product model: SYIP
Size(WxH) 20''W x 35''H x 5/7'' D
Custom sizes
Light Source 2835/5050/3014/3020 LED strips, T5HO/HE
Input Voltage 110~240V
Color 2700k~6500k
CRI Ra>80 Ra>90 Ra>95
Application & Certificate

Factory Display

Sanying Lighting Company Limited.
Sanying Lighting Company Limited devotes to providing qualified and first-rate lighting products. We meet various packaging and shipping requirements of different customers. We reply and handle any feedback in a timely manner with the right solution. Because of the integrated production equipment and processes, our prices are more competitive!

Tips : How to arrange bathroom space reasonably?
There are mainly three kinds of spare space in a bathroom, including the floor, walls and the ceiling. Actually, we can use take advantage of the walls. At present, a lot of things can be hung on the walls so as to save the room space.
Just choose our products! Best room-saving bathroom Magnifying Mirror With Light ever. discount Lighted Bathroom Mirror
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