Customized Web Belt In Fabric Belts

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Customized Web Belt In Fabric Belts

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Established in 1997 in mainland, Dongguan Jiayuan Hardware Product Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized Taiwan-funded enterprise, which is specialized in the manufacture of products such as stainless steel straws, Belts, mobile phone bracket, mountaineering buttons, cosmetic mirrors etc. and it is more than 30 years since its foundation in Taiwan.

Jiayuan Company has passed the certification of ISO9000: 2000, and it started to design and manufacture peripheral accessories for mobile phone/Bluetooth headset of NOKIA, MOTOROLA, Jawbone, Blue Ant, etc. from 2006, and it became the designated processing factory of PIQUADRO, which is the famous brand in Italy from 2007. In addition, the company was awarded with the certification of Taiwan Electronics Companies, such as FOXLINK, Primax and LITEON in 2008, and it has gotten Disney's certification in Tokyo in 2009 to express the soul of Disney's cartoon characters with the shaped aluminum hook.

The factory area of the company is 2000 square meters at present, and there are 15 large CNC milling machines, 8 zinc-aluminum die casting machines, 200 employees, a group of experienced professional technicians, and it is equipped with high-tech die processing center to provide precise and products with high-quality appearance to the customers. Under the policy of seeking new and change and leading technology, the company expands to the development of various fields of zinc alloy open-mould casting, stamping production, injection-molding production, leather goods etc. from the initial professional production of chains in each model step by step.

In order to improve the management level of the company over the years, Jiayuan Company introduced MRP system to improve the management level of materials and the APS programming software system makes the programming computerized to meet the development of industrial Internet era in the future. What’s more, it introduced more management systems and upgraded the application level of industrial 4.0. Jiayuan Company will face the continuous change of the market with innovation in the future.

Customized Web Belt In Fabric Belts
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